Exventys is an engineering company specialized in innovative product design and sourcing. We solve problems encountered by our customers in the railways fields, agricultural machinery, armoured vehicles, bulk product transport…

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Modular auger handling system. Archimedys™ was born from a need expressed by the world leader in towed harvesting machines ALMA. The aim was to solve a manufacturing problem for augers used in the harvesting machines…

Ecailles machine à vendanger

Elastomeric flake

Development of flakes for grape harvesting machines. Manual harvesting can no longer meet the production and quality requirements of many vineyards. […]

High precision CNC lahte turning automotive part


Ultra high-precision collets are used by the bar-turning machining industry. The machine tools receiving this system for holding machined bars must ensure the manufacture of parts of revolution with a high degree of precision and precision.

Co-engineering and support missions

QFD customer voice

Translate client's needs, whether expressed or not, into technical data.

Reliability with Tagushi and Bertsch plans

Experimental designs as a tool for process reliability and optimization.

TRIZ innovation

Overcoming technological barriers
Resolving technical contradictions through innovation.

Production optimization with TOC constraint theory

Process and cost control by working on production flows to achieve "just in time".

expertise areas

  • Rubber and plastics engineering
  • Finite element analysis
  • Turnkey production lines
  • Sheet metal products
  • General mechanics
  • Copying of existing products for maintenance

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Innovation award

Exventys was awarded the “Grand Prix de l’Innovation Industrielle” in 2011 for the development of the modular auger system Archimedys™.


INPI has awarded Exventys its “Talent INPI” label for the year 2016.